South Jersey's Center For
Riding and Horsemanship

We offer private riding and horsemanship lessons tailored to each individual, whether beginner or advanced. We serve children and adults with disabilities by providing equine-assisted activites and therapies including adaptive recreational horseback riding, hippotherapy and equine facilitated learning For new riders, we concentrate on fun and keeping it safe. For experienced riders, we address their specific issues, help them improve their posture and balance, and develop lighter hands and accurate cues. Therapeutic riding is beneficial for children and adults who present with any of a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions. Participants can also learn companionship, responsibility, confidence, leadership, vocational and educational skills, A student who interacts with his or her horse may extend this interaction to others and form meaningful relationships with people. Building a relationship with an animal is very rewarding in many respects; for a person with an emotional, social or psychological disability, the trust and loyalty of an animal demonstrates to the student how important he or she is; they may then apply this newly-acquired self-esteem to personal relationships.

Special Needs
- Sensory Integration
- Motor Skills
- Social Development

Tours Available
- Group Visits
- School Visits
- Scout Visits

Private Lessons
- Children
- Adults
- Ages 2 and up

Labrador Hill Farm, LLC is proud to support

H.R. 1094: Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2013 . This bill was sponsored by Rep. Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania, and we urge you to call your congressional Representative to voice your support for a No-Kill America!

Love animals. God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled. Do not trouble their joy, do not harass them, do not deprive them of their happiness, do not work against God's intention.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov .

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